What I’m eating for lunch this week – RBCOO

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For ten days in January, I did a Daniel Fast. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s based on the diet Daniel and his friends ate instead of the king’s rich foods as described in Daniel 1 and 10. There are several versions of this fast out there, some are more strict than others. Most people do 21 days, but a 10-day period is also mentioned in the book of Daniel, and I wanted my first attempt to be achievable. Basically, I didn’t eat meat, dairy products, bread (or anything made with non-whole-grains), or sugar. I followed the guidelines used by Elevation Church, so I allowed small amounts of honey, olive oil, and spices. It was a good experience, and not as difficult as I anticipated, although I wouldn’t call it easy. The only thing I’ll do differently next time is to ease into the high-fiber aspect of the fast to avoid some…. unpleasant… side effects.

But this post is not about the Daniel Fast itself, but rather one of the meals I ate while on the fast. I liked it so much that I still eat it fairly frequently. In fact, I made a batch Sunday night and have taken it to work for lunch every day this week. It’s super-easy, healthy, tastes good, and reheats well. I don’t have a name for it, but when writing a shopping list or something, I’ve been abbreviating it as: RBCOO. (Rice, Beans, Corn, Olive Oil)

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups uncooked brown rice (I use Minute Brown Rice–not the brown-est, probably, but definitely the easiest.)
15 oz can black beans – rinsed and drained
11 oz can sweet corn – drained
1 tbsp. olive oil
chili powder

Cook the rice as described on the box. Mix in the beans and corn. In a large frying pan over med-high heat, sautee half of the mixture in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil; sprinkle with chili powder to taste as it cooks. I usually leave it in the pan for… I don’t know… 3 or 4 minutes. Just until it looks done. Repeat with second half of mixture. Makes 6 1-cup servings.

Like I said, super-easy. You could skip the sauteeing, olive oil, and chili powder if you were on a stricter fast, but it tastes much better and adds some healthy fat to the fiber and protein. Here are the basic nutrition facts for a 1-cup serving:

225 calories
4g fat
5g dietary fiber
6g protein

You could also add chicken or beef if you wanted to make it a little heartier (but it wouldn’t be Daniel Fast-friendly, obviously.) It is very filling as-is, though. A 1-cup serving, plus a couple snacks like some almonds and an apple easily get me through my day at the office. I snapped a few pics when I made it Sunday night:

active:water 5K flyer + my fave free typeface

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My friend Jeremiah recently asked me to put together a flyer for a 5K fundraiser his youth group is hosting. He needed it quickly, so I threw this together:

active:water is a cool organization that raises funds for clean water and sanitation projects around the world. They raise money via 5K races, sponsored marathon runners, and other active endeavors.

I’m always glad to help out my old youth group and I’m proud of them for raising funds for such a worthy cause.

The flyer itself is simple. (Like I said, I put it together quickly.) I initially worried it doesn’t say “5K! COME RUN!” loudly enough, but I think it was more important to focus on theĀ  purpose of the 5K… clean water. I hope the one-color blue-on-white will make it stand out among other flyers which are usually black on bright paper or very colorful with photos.

For the type, I chose League Gothic, which has become my go-to “cool” typeface lately. I tend to gravitate to bold condensed fonts for flyers because I can get more info in a smaller space, yet it’s still readable from a distance. League Gothic also has a touch of that retro/letterpress/concert poster feeling. Best of all, it’s FREE from the fine folks in The League of Movable Type. I’m looking forward to using some of their other offerings, especially one of the serifs… Sorts Mill Goudy has a lovely italic.

Design ramblings aside, if you’ll be in the West Plains area on Memorial Day weekend, register for the 5K (or 1 mile walk). If you’re not in the area, consider doing what you can to support active:water!